Message: 367

Date:06/19/08 1:19 PM 
Subject:new release!
Exile on Wally Street will be out before you know it!

Date:04/02/09 11:11 PM
Subject:so where is "Exile on Wally Street"?
it is time for a new one, and a great title!

Date:04/17/09 1:20 AM
Subject:apparently there is a bootleg demo circulating on the net
here are the tracks:

Track 1. Wreck of the 401 (k)
Track 2. I hate Mortgage Brokers
Track 3. My double dip Ice Cream Cone went 'Ploop'!
Track 4. Turd on the Run
Track 5. So I like just Mowing My Lawn on Saturday, So What
Track 6. The Sadism Swing
Track 7. War Fag
Track 8. Shopping at the Shopper's Mall
Track 9. Psycho Fiance'
Track 10. The Day Rush Limbaugh ate all the Xanax (and Kadian)

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