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Date:12/17/09 7:41 AM 
Subject:Biggby Coffee Commercial
I just heard a radio commercial for Biggby Coffee and immediately thought "Hey, that sounds just like Wally!". Could it be true?
Is it really Wally Pleasant on WGRD?
If not, then someone out there is really stealing your sound. And yes, it is your sound!

Date:12/20/09 11:03 AM
Subject:Coffee and Wally?
I agree, that's got to be Wally. The commercial's also on the Christmas station, not just WGRD.

Date:12/20/09 1:20 PM
Subject:Biggby Coffee is my Happy Place
Yep, it's true. Stay tuned for more coffee songs. Man, that Sugar Bear is addictive.
Happy holidays to you and yours,

Date:12/21/09 10:11 AM
I heard the bigby ad yesterday and thought -- Holy Guacamole! That's Wally! It sooo took me back to seeing him in the Union during my time at State. I had to go home and dig out my cd's so I could hear Post Graduate Over-educated Out of Work Blues!

Date:01/23/10 4:29 PM
Name:Ed Bacon & Paula Johnson
Subject:Coffee Commercial

Just heard you on the radio! Nice work!

Date:03/11/10 12:59 PM
Subject:Bigby Coffee Commercial on YouTube
Awesome! I had not heard it, but I tried searching for it on YouTube and low and behold it was there:

Date:11/29/10 11:29 AM
Subject:Biggby Love
Great job on the commercials - I love being able to hear some Wally Pleasant everyday!!

Date:05/27/11 1:44 AM
Name:Brock (TV Cycle)
Subject:Biggby Coffee ads are my happy place
Thanks to the Wally Pleasant feed on facebook, I heard about the (apparently now award winning) ad campaign. I'm a tea drinker, not coffee, but if I'm ever in Michigan again, I might have to order a "hot hot chocolate" even though that's just a hot chocolate. (WHAT?!)


Date:01/02/12 9:20 PM
Subject:and now a Pizza Hut jingle (heard on the SyFy channel)
WTG, Wally!

Date:03/28/12 4:52 PM
Name:marc richard
Subject:Wally Ads
I want Wally to deliver all my corporate messaging from now on, ads are so much more fun and dare I say...pleasant?

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