Message: 385

Date:04/09/10 10:47 PM 
Name:Matt Lonsberry
Subject:Mac's Bar?

Dear Wally World,

So I was all hyped because on Wally's website it said he was playing at Mac's Bar tomorrow (Saturday, April 10th). So today (Friday, April 9th) I called Mac's Bar to confirm what time Wally would be playing. So the guy at Mac's Bar told me Wally wasn't playing tomorrow (Saturday, April 10th) and instead said a bunch of lame ass bands I had never heard of were playing and that he thought Wally was playing next month (May 2010). So now I am confused and depressed. So can you solve one or both of those problems by telling me where in the Lansing area I can see Wally perform in the next month or so?


Matt Lonsberry

Date:07/31/10 7:02 AM
Subject:hey matt!
it is all about the twitter, old timer

Date:09/05/10 1:47 AM
Subject:that must have been a different derek
because this derek is an old timer

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