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Date:08/22/08 3:17 PM 
Name:Duane Rubinowits
Subject:Memories of Wally
I shan't forget the choice memories I have retained of seeing Wally perform live in East LA (Lansing) way back in the late 1980's/early 90's. A particular back yard gig comes to mind. He had a big hollow body electric. I danced, emotionally, to his zany sounds, aided by my state of buzziness. I also recall a gig at some now defunct coffee/bar/eatery place ?? can't recall what exactly it was. He had a harmonica player with him who seemed to be a vagrant of sorts.
And then months later I opened the door to my Lansing rental and there was Wally delivering my mail. I was enthralled. We spoke briefly about silly music. I doubt he remembers. But I was edified and left with an indelible impression of a great entertainer. I still listen to Welcome to Pleasantville oft. I have also turned others onto to it. But having lost my copy (of a copy) of Songs About Stuff has left me inconsolable.

Date:10/10/08 11:00 PM
Name:Don Hargraves
Subject:re: Memories of Wally
That would be Hobie's Old World? I saw him there often during the mid eighties. There were a few other places he played at that no longer exist, which I sort of remember.

Date:10/23/08 7:52 AM
Subject:Wally in Metro Detroit
Ah, memories...
I remember seeing Wally play, several times, at a bar in Ferndale, MI, called the Woodward Ave Brewery (or was it the Old Woodward Brewery?)... Just a guy and a small band, playing funny songs that spoke to the crowd... Does it get any better than that?

Date:05/13/09 1:39 AM
Subject:little kings at hobies
i seem to recall a gig outside jocundry's next to the peanut barrel and all those gentlemen from wally's rock band throwing peanuts way out at him.

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