Message: 364

Date:06/07/08 5:51 PM 
Subject:Undersold by Goodwill
How thrilling it was to nab two of Wally's CDs at the Charlotte, MI, Goodwill yesterday. One of them was autographed to someone named Sam. "Hi Sam, I like your shoes. :-) Wally Pleasant."

Date:08/22/08 3:39 PM
Name:Duane Rubinowits
Subject:response to Matthew's Goodwill find
Matthew: While I would say you are quite lucky, I would also insist that you must find Sam and return to him his autographed cd that was most likely thrown out by a disgruntled roomate/girlfriend.

Date:04/02/09 11:12 PM
wait, wally wrote he liked MY shoes.

Date:10/30/09 5:37 AM
Name:Joe Putman
Back in 2000, I ordered some of Wally's CDs while living in Puerto Rico and when they didn't arrive, called the office to see about my order. If Wally "P" didn't answer the phone himself and box up a new shipment for me right then, of course free of charge. And even autographed one of the discs for me.

Just to show how cool the guy is, when the original shipment did arrive, I called to let him know and he just told me "Give em away as a gift." I was more than happy to expose some other friends to this phenomenally humorous and inventive artist.

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