Do you want Wally Pleasant to write you your very own song????

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Wally Pleasant will write you your very own personalized song!!!  For all of those Wally P fans out there that have it on their "life goals" list to have Wally write a song for them, your dream has come true. Wally will write and record a personalized song just for you, your friend, your dog (really, he's done one for a stuffed dog) or your family member for a pretty gosh durn good price. He requires an email to him all about your subject of choice. You can include inside jokes (waffles on our heads, anyone?) to silly pet names (snookiecocoapoop) to your very favorite memories about or with your subject (remember when snookiecocoapoop put a waffle on her head?)
The songs are great for gifts for any occasion, people have asked Wally to write a song for their wedding, a friend's birthday, a special anniversary and even just because they wanted their very own Wally song.
He's busy guys, he'll need about 4 weeks to complete the project so be sure to give plenty of lead time for your song.

Yes! I want wally to write me my very own song!

Songs are $375.00 each, we'll need half  of the payment to commission the song and then the other half after you receive the CD!

You can pay for your song using PayPal (after we send you the CD we will also send you an email reminding you to visit us to pay for the second half), you may also use a personal check or money order.  Please send all payments to 302 Warren St, Charlotte MI 48813. 

Wally Pleasant please write me a song!


I got my song and want to complete payment!

Any questions? Feel free to email us at

Thanks and if you wanna be cool stay in school,
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